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If you’ve landed on this website, there’s a good chance you wish you weren’t here! That’s okay. Going through divorce is painful; helping our children through what can be a very traumatic experience requires wisdom, courage and patience. It takes time-sometimes a very long time-for both parents and kids to adjust to all the practical and emotional changes. As a parent, you may feel anxious, guilty, worried, sad, scared, relieved, and everything in-between. There are good days and not so good days; times when it feels as if everything is falling apart, and other times when rays of hope break through the clouds and you know, deep down, that everything will turn out fine. Writing Divorce Is Not The End of the World with my children helped all of us heal and move forward. I hope that reading it helps you and your children in the days ahead.

Here is a great resource for tweens and teens…from two of their own. Zoe and Evan give a helpful perspective to other kids that will aid them with their own divorce experiences. Their words and advice ring true.

Vicki Lansky, author of Vicky Lansky’s Divorce Book for Parents

I only wish this book had been available to my kids when their father and I split up

Linda Ellerbee, Emmy and Peabody award-winning journalist

Divorce…is a tremendous resource for kids, parents, and professionals who help families going through this often tough transition. Zoe and Evan tackle hard issues with insight and reassurance.

Peggy Libby, Executive Director of Kids First Center


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Dear Elle

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Ellen Sue’s Introduction

Like many parents I know, my decision to divorce was heart wrenching. I was racked with fear, guilt, and anxiety. How would Evan and Zoe, then six and eight years old, survive? How would we handle their birthday parties? Holidays? High school graduations? Would they be forever wounded by coming from a “broken home”? Would they spend 20 years in therapy? All my hopes and dreams of us having the “perfect family” were slowly shattered as I faced what I was about to do.

At age three, in all the innocence of childhood, Evan said something I’ve never forgotten: “I know you and Daddy will never get divorced.” “Why not?” I asked. “Because you love me and Zoey too much.” These words echoed as their father and I sat down to tell our kids the news: “Daddy and I love you very much, but we’ve decided we need to live apart.” I watched in horror as they recoiled in disbelief, then ran from the room, sobbing. They reappeared twenty minutes later, holding hands, wanting to know: “If you and Daddy get divorced, will we have two VCRs-one at each house?” At that moment, I knew they’d be okay…